Ten words story challenge!

Yup! Who’s in? There’s going to be a winner once the challenge is over. Don’t hesitate to leave your ten-word story in the comments section. Here’s mine; KABOOM!! I’ll never press that button again. What’s that?! KABOOM!! Thrilling innit? Now, let’s see yours👇 Want to collaborate with me? If yes, send an email to 📧josiahemamokeh@gmail.com


I decided to do a fill in today. The fact that my blog looks empty and hasn’t had any update since is why I chose to share this with y’all. Recently, there has been lots of gossips on social media concerning relationships between celebrities and all (**not mentioning names**). But then I figured that with […]

5 Things To Do Differently in 2021

Firstly, I must congratulate anyone reading this for making it into the new year! Happy New Year from me to you! Back in 2020, I did a Q&A review on my IG story about setting new year resolutions. I got some replies which I wasn’t able to share, due to time. Not withstanding, I’ll be […]

2020: Gratitude message

We already contain that we most deeply desire. Life, love, inner freedom, connection to all. The more we can realize this, the more we can undertake all things with a sense of abundance. The abundant heart embraces our world, holding all its joy and fear, gain and loss, nobility and selfishness, enveloped in a field […]

Blogmas December

It’s Christmas season everyone! An exciting moment for everyone. It’s been one hell of a year, but this period will make everything seem like tragic moments never happened. Later on, I’ll be sending a big shout out to everyone who has been of great support throughout. Including my fellow friends, family and my amazing bloggers! […]

Monthly Goals

Accomplishing goals and reaching milestones builds our sense of achievement and gives us confidence to keep going. Research has shown that one will be much more likely to achieve their goals if we write them down and make sure they are easily measurable and have clear metrics to track. (very helpful, you see:/) So to […]

Top Beauty Products Of All Time

I’ll be discussing our favorite clean beauty products. Practically, most of us females are obsessed with some particular products we use and can’t seem to change them. I’ll be sharing some of my personal products I’m crazy about. I’m a mascara girl through and through, there was a particular time I almost gave up on […]

My Travel Bucket List

Most people think of a bucket list as a collection of things to accomplish before one dies. The truth is that; you can create as many bucket lists as you want. Creating one is a fun way to stay motivated and look up to something you know you must achieve later on. So, most people […]

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Wow! My second blogger award for the year! A big thank you to Poorwa for nominating me and others as well for this award. Please, do ensure to check out her blog, as she has some fascinating posts you wouldn’t want to miss! This award was created by Colton Beckwith. You can check the original […]

My Top 10 Movies

2020 has been a year of limitless upheaval, and yet the show must go on. Yes it must! With all that has happened during the year, you can agree with me that movies, one way or the other has helped to soothe the mind. I’ll be sharing my list of the best movies I enjoyed […]

20 Random Questions For My Readers

There are countless conversation topics to choose from, from the basic of getting to know you questions to the existential. Right now, I’d love to take a small peek into your lives and see how silly y’all can be at times. Lol. So, I’ll start up a conversation. It’ll be more of questions actually, as […]

Important Life Lessons I’ve Learnt Recently

With all the trauma and violence going on in my country, I haven’t been able to write for a while. I’ve been having sleepless nights and my head hurts so bad when I see all that has happened within one month! Sometimes, I wish it was a horror movie— so that I can wake up […]


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