As a girl who loves writing literally anything that comes to mind. I embrace the heat of any challenge and make sassy look easy!

Professional, reliable and consistent. I edit, copywright and proofread various draft works. I also help in crafting self-generating description and sample ads and flyers for your business/products/services and also help to share on various social media platforms.

For more info, kindly visit my gig on Fiverr. For further clarity, see my works;

• Short stories

• Web content

• Screenplays/manuscripts

• Blog posts

• E-mail broadcast

• College essays

• Full story/novel

PS– Language: English

Are you interested? Then here’s what I need from you:

• Written script

• Your requirements(if any)

I’m also open for reviews. Been getting a lot of them lately and I’m really grateful. Shout out to the amazing wattpaders with amazing ideas and opinions!

Do you belong to a particular writing body? Looking for sponsorship, freelancer, copywriter and an editor? Send an email to 📧

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