Monthly Goals

Accomplishing goals and reaching milestones builds our sense of achievement and gives us confidence to keep going. Research has shown that one will be much more likely to achieve their goals if we write them down and make sure they are easily measurable and have clear metrics to track. (very helpful, you see:/)

So to make these goals achievable, I created a monthly planner in which I listed out my goal ideas. Using this amazing template by Popsugar. With this template, you’ll be inspired to be intentional with the goals you set for yourself. I’ll be posting few samples of my monthly goal plans alongside an empty template, just incase you feel like planning yours. Don’t forget to share yours too!

Monthly Templates by Popsugar

My goals for December
My more of this and less of this list

I really love the monthly planner as it helped bring out the best version of myself. I couldn’t help but smile after I finished working on it.

Here are some sample template you could also use to set yours;

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