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Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has been of great support to me. Thank you and God bless.❤ For the new reviews I got on Fiverr, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Secondly, I’m sending a very big shout out to Tiani Angela for nominating me and others as well for this amazing tag. She has an awesome personality and I bet you wouldn’t want to miss her blog on mental health and mommy life. To see more of her posts click here.

I love good energy and that’s the main reason why I support whoever is determined. The truth is that; you’re stronger than you know. There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. If you see me tomorrow, just know that I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become!


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you.

2. List 15 of your small joys (they can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them).

3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!) Have fun with it!

My Small Joys

Making Pancakes

This isn’t just a personal thing I’m fond of, but my whole family loves. My dad’s cooking skill is one good reason why I intend to marry a guy that cooks. I love every single minute of sizzling it, ranging from the aroma and its looks. This is something I really enjoy doing and believe me, I don’t waste time on it either. Why? Because my mouth waters at the sight.

This morning:)

Using My Face Cream

Who doesn’t want to look good on a daily? Last year, when I returned back from school, I noticed I had a different skin color. It looked pale and I immediately guessed it had something to do with the stress and all. You could even tell, mere looking at my face. So after achieving few things, I started working on myself amidst blogging. It really helped me a lot and has brought me back to my usual self. Now, I eat, pray and slay!


Watching The Stars

When it comes to stargazing, I hardly sleep. All the stars we see at night are in our own Milky Way Galaxy. Have you ever looked up at the night sky, scratching your head and wondering what planets and stars you’re seeing? Or have you ever wanted to wish upon a shooting star, but don’t know where to find one? Though, this period there are hardly any stars but I don’t hesitate to look out every night in anticipation. Eventually, when I see one, I feel like a little girl again. There’s a saying that goes; “Almost everything can be seen in the city, and almost everything can be seen with the naked eye.” That’s how it works for me.

Playing Games

I do this whenever I’m bored, helps clear my head for a better me! And helps to enhance my multitasking skills. I’m still working on PS though:)

• Art

It’s Art for me, alright. Art is everything for me, I have a thing for it. There’s just something about it that makes you feel alive. For some people, it makes them optimistic about their future. Art can teach us about our surroundings it allows us to imagine, create and reflect our ideas in a visual representation of our world. Art teaches us how to feel.

Last year, was quite fun with my clique when we visited the Art Gallery. Here’s what I learnt that day about Art and its power, it has the ability to shake us into revelation and rip us from our default mode of seeing.

Art is inspiring because it can provide us with imaginative links to parts of ourselves which might otherwise be inaccessible. 


Dogs have a sense of time and my love for them have no bound! I intend getting one very soon. It’s the top most thing on my to-do list. A girl needs protection, don’t you think?

Quiet Time

I love having my quiet time, it’s a trait I got from my mum. It helps me think clearly. What I do mostly during this time is mainly reading, listening to music, meditating, researching or sleeping. Yes! I can’t kill myself all the time.


Eat healthy, stay healthy! I love junks(i don’t know why.) But I don’t eat them too much, as I tend to watch my health. I eat varieties of snack when I feel like. Munch, munch! Lol.

Watching Movies

Movies bring a sense of relief for me, apart from watching them, I also love watching behind the scenes. It’s something I and my siblings really enjoy, as we get to see the real identity behind everything.

Sister Time

There’s no better friend than a sister, and there’s no better sister than me! (lol. Just kidding) One of my biggest joy is hanging out with my sister. We do crazy stuffs together, so that’s just about it! If you think I’m high maintenance, you should see my sister.


Shopping is my cardio. It’s a pity I don’t get to do it all the time because it’s really exciting. I love finding money in my clothes, I simply love it! There’s a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification, a quick fix.

Styling My Hair

Every girl loves to look good and most times it starts with the hair. Zip, Zap, zoom my hair is whaboom! Loose curls and glam, that’s all a girl need. To be honest, my mood depends solely on how my hair looks. Wavy hair and sun-kissed cheek, need I say more? Life is short, so make every hair flip count!

Making New Friends

I could be a bit reserved at times, but I have an open heart when it comes to making friends. One of my favorite quotes from Thomas Watson states; “Don’t make friends only to be comfortable with, make friends who will lever you up.” It’s a goal we all should look forward to having.

Planning And Organizing

This is something I love doing and my mum actually looks up to me for this. I’m open when it comes to suggestions and I don’t fail when the time comes. I also have my personal to-do list which I draft out, not everyday in particular but often.

Me And My Teddy

Lol. I remember I use to have this cute yellow teddy bear when I was a little girl. Whenever I ask my parents who bought it, my mum states she’s the one and my dad says he’s the one too. Funny right? But who cares? Ever since, I’ve grown very fond of them and I don’t hesitate to hold onto one whenever I visit a friend. Teddy’s are very comfortable to sleep in, no cap. You can laugh now and cry later with them.(In Drake’s voice.)

My Nominees

If you enjoyed reading this post, then don’t hold back. I’m nominating anyone who feels like participating. A big thank you to Tiani once again for nominating me! Feel free to participate and follow the rules listed above.

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