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Maintenance: Staying At Your Best

You like what you see when you catch a passing glimpse of yourself in a mirror(even though you may find it hard for a while to believe that the person you see there is really you.)

“I’m on a permanent high, and my whole self-perception is different.” This is how I feel sometimes. Whether you’ve already reached your target or you’re anticipating the moment that you do, understanding how to maintain a healthy status is essential.

Now that you know how to maintain calories, you should know how to handle major setbacks. If not, use these tips that I’ll be listing out to maintain your healthy lifestyle and stay at your best.

1. Drink Water!

First thing’s first! When you get up every morning from bed, take a glass of water to keep you hydrated. I wasn’t a fan of this for years, but as I watched my mum maintain this routine habit for sometime now, I decided to give it a try. Truth is, I’m a deep sleeper, and most times when I get up– I just focus on breakfast alone and not giving water the attention it deserves.

I noticed that as I kept striving to keep up this new healthy habit, it became a part of me and has increased my water consumption. Now, I drink water all the time:/

In conclusion, try drinking a large glass of water before meal and that feeling of seeing your tummy swell and the fullness could help you reduce your calorie intake.

2. Exercise Regularly

Stick to an exercise routine you love. We do not realize how important exercise is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re a cardio lover like me, and you feel it’s what you can handle and keep up with– stick to it! If you’re the gym type, something you do as a daily visit and you’ve got that strength and power to keep up– stick to it!

Whichever exercise you prefer, and you’re positive your body can accept it, please do not hesitate. Why? Main reason is, you already know that regular exercise and good fitness is essential for you and me!

3. Maintain Your Calories

It’s important to keep an eye on your calorie intake. If you missed my previous post on calories click here. Sometimes, you might think of the idea to incorporate a different food plan, yet it is very important to maintain your intake.

4. Live Healthy!

Rock and roll, maintain healthy habits everyday! Laugh, cry, smile, sing, jump, shout and even scream! Lol. All these are signs of healthy living. Another important thing is striving for consistency. What do I mean? Simple, try to eat the same balance of food, same calories and the rest. Balance it all.

Work in a consistent amount of physical activity, it’s important to keep things consistent everyday of the week. So remember guys, be a bad ass with a good ass!

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