Thoughts on Turning Twenty

Hi y’all! How has it been going for you? As for me, I’ve been having basic thoughts about my coming age. I know it’s still next year before I turn twenty, I couldn’t help but feel warm inside. Most people actually think there’s no big deal in it. For me, there is! It doesn’t generate the excitement that sweet sixteen promises.

Turning twenty marks the official end of a decade, a decade in which you went from an annoying 10—year old kid to a theoretically fully functioning person. It’s a decade imprinted with many momentous occasions and milestones. It’s like you’re starting to live your life for the first time and believe me, I can’t wait to experience it! It is half of your life, but now the birth certificate is telling you to move on and enter the next decade.

PS– I’m still nineteen, but here are my plans for the coming year:)

1. Eat lots and lots of Chocolate Duhh!

2. Blow 20 candles on my cake. (A must!)

3. Publish my almost–completed novel

4. Start saving pictures about babies.😂

5. Will keep reminding myself that I’m no longer a teenager, but a grown ass woman.

6. Will still stick to the habit of being non-alcoholic. (I’m not changing that)

7. Focus on my priorities alone and hope to achieve them as well!

8. Start driving.


The rest stays with me, thank you:-)

Twenty is an important year because it marks a time of great personal growth, intellectual development, and uninhibited learning– and I can’t wait to fly out of 2020 and begin my new adulthood in 2021.

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