Jessy’s Night(Short story)

This is a piece of my work from one of my old Wattpad stories, to view full story click here. I said something about sticking to my niche the last time, yeah. So after thinking it through, I decided to add the ‘short story thing’ to my category. Hope you enjoy!

Jessy’s Night

The house was quiet and peaceful. The darkness intoxicating everyone to sleep peacefully, not when she heard the noise.

Jessy sat up on her bed, her ears twitching for any sound. She was a good listener. She turned to look at Sandra. It wasn’t any good waking her, one thing is sure, Sandra would be more frightened than her. And that’s where the difference came in. She wasn’t afraid of anything! Even if she was the youngest of the four.

‘I had better go and see if everything is alright.’ she thought. Jessy wasn’t afraid to walk in the dark, the thought didn’t terrify her at all. She slipped on her pyjama pants and slipped off the dressing gown she was wearing– taking a shirt along.

She crept softly downstairs. The stairs made a creaking sound and she cursed silently. She was going to talk to her father about the idea of having ceramic tiles instead.

Jessy moved further through the hall, then to the sitting room. The fire was still there, the red glow making the whole place shine. Suddenly, she saw a shadow pass quickly, and a slight sound came from the other side of the room. It came from the study. She ran there just in time, and saw a figure trying to jump down from the window. She was shocked. Who was this person and what was he doing here at this time of the night?

‘Hey, who are you? Stop right where you are!’ she yelled at the figure.

Just as he was about to move again, she shouted at the top of her lungs.

‘A burglar! Help!’

A noise of someone falling over from outside was heard and then sounds of feet pattering down the stairs with loud groans. Kate had bumped into her two sons on the passage when she heard Jessy’s scream. Sandra came out too, looking scared.

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