Nature’s Beauty

Like my favorite person once said; “one touch of nature makes the whole word kin.” They say nature’s beauty has healing properties for our physical and mental well-being. One good reason why we must take the time to unplug and enjoy nature’s splendor. 

Ansel Adam states that she ‘believes the world is incomprehensibly beautiful an endless prospect of magic and wonder.’ I totally agree with the statement. So, here’s a poem I wrote in appreciation to the beautiful creation God vested in. His works are truly magical!

Nature’s Beauty

Looking outside my window

I know the world will become a better place

Our creator has given us gifts and the finest beauty of nature

If I could take a brush and paint the mountains, valleys and moors

The evergreen pasture will be a sight to behold

I’d paint the ocean purple and splash the hillsides yellow

And fringe the edge of the wood, including the trees with their pretty lilac bells

The Heather and bracken will I merge and mix them with golden colours

I’d stencil on the marshes just like the china cups

And make the ponds like sweet buttercups

Mixing colours till another day calls

For nature’s beauty will be my coloured canvas

And my rich tapestry

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