Writing Tips For Beginners(2)

I had to do a review on this topic because a lot of people have been asking questions on “writing” as a whole. I’ve been able to reply most of the mails and messages but I still need to be fair enough and share some facts about writing and my own experience/journey.

The truth is; Writing can be easy for everyone. You don’t actually need to be a grammarian or extremely sound and proficient in English to be able to write well. It only becomes difficult when you lack the necessary skills to communicate or the lack of confidence to express yourself efficiently.

Here’s what makes it easy; ¹when you’re knowledgeable about your topic and you’re confident in your use of grammar. ²Your fluent writing skill and style. ³Also know your vocabulary well enough. I’ll be listing out few tips to help boost and improve your writing skills. In case you missed my first post on writing guide, purpose and accomplishment just click here.

1. Do lots of Practice

Practice speaking English as much as you can. It is probably harder to learn to speak well than it is to learn how to write a good composition, but it is well worth the trouble. Language and thinking are so bound up together that it is very difficult to say where the influence of the one on the other begins and ends.

The easiest way to achieve this is in the realm of vocabulary: the learning of words. As your English improves, so will your thinking. As your thinking has improved, so has your English. The truth is this; a person whose thinking is muddled, who cannot analyse a process in clearly defined steps, will be unable to express himself in anything but a muddled way. On the other hand; a person who has never been taught the skills of ‘composition’ i.e— of putting ideas together in the most suitable manner— is unlikely to be able to think clearly.

2. Perceive and Express Relationships

As you know, a language does not consist simply of words in isolation. In all languages, the words have to be grouped in certain ways before they can express anything. These grouping of words are the syntax of language. Although one’s skill in language has a great influence on one’s power of thought, the opposite is also true, and the quality of a person’s thinking naturally influences his ability to learn a language.

3. Research

If you want to write a story or novel that is based in London. Ensure you don’t reference it’s bustling sea ports and extensive beaches. Sometimes listing the little things, no matter how trivial they may seem, allow for you to better understand your story or essay.

4. Choose a Healthy Environment

Finding a suitable place to write is a good way to improve and help your writing. How comfortable you are in a place determines more of your writing style than you think. For example, if you’re the type that writes at home, the chances are high that you’re at the peak of comfort. Why is it so? You may ask. Well, clearly because it’s your own space, decorated with your stuff (just the way you like it) and populated by your family or pets. You can plug in or play music aloud at as high a volume as you want. Plus, you have access to all your favorite snacks.

This level of relaxation can produce one of two results. Either you will be tranquil enough to meet all your writing goals, or you will feel a lack of pressure and lose any and all motivation you once had. In conclusion, your environment can dictate your desire to write. Be aware of what makes you tired and what eases you into a writing mood. The more conscious you are of these factors, the better writing results you will reap.

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