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Collaborating with other bloggers is one of the best way of growing your blog. It has so many benefits; It can expand your community and your opportunities to connect with people who want and need what you have to offer. It’s a combination of two audiences instead of one. Two sources of ideas. Two people marketing something. Two voices adding value.

Here’s the deal: We all have outlandish ideas at times. We all think of epic brand names, product features, and ways to word things that end up being not that great. Your collaboration partners mean that you will have constant reality checks. You’ll have another entity or two that’s a part of your target market. This is precisely why I’m volunteering for this method. I’ve joined team of writers back in high school and I know exactly what it entails.

So, after doing a thorough research and thinking. I’ve decided to start up a collaboration of bloggers, both guests and non-guests. Below, are some of the things we’ll be considering without the pressure of trying to make money. PS-(we will eventually make them later on.) Also for community building purposes.

Let’s discuss>>


1. Guest Appearances

These are posts that other bloggers allow you to share on their sites. It is actually great for SEO users, since the blogger will link back to your site from the post. Great idea right?!

2. Reviews

Give your thoughts and suggested uses of another blogger’s product or page. PS- If you don’t have anything benefiting to say, you could try other options that suit you best or don’t say anything about it. You don’t want to ruin someone’s potential now, would you?

3. Guest Posts

These are other bloggers’ posts that you allow on your site or you reblog.

4. Round Ups

Through Round ups, you can include the opinions or thoughts of multiple bloggers or experts in your field as a way to entertain and educate your readers. 

5. Communities

Here, different bloggers come together to form a team or create a social media platform to create awareness. Sounds like a great idea!

Let’s grow together

6. Giveaways

Combining with another blogger (or multiple bloggers) can increase the value of a giveaway, using gift cards, products, services, free consultations, and many others.

7. Interviews

Host interviews using any kind of format.

8. Challenges

Host a challenge/movement of interest to your audience and your collaborator readers.

9. Courses

Teach, learn and grow together.

10. Membership Sites

Amazing resource sites that require paid memberships is another great way of growing your blog.

11. Trainings

Corporate and non-corporate trainings that you deliver together.

12. Affiliate Programs

Lots of bloggers offer affiliate programs on their products. You could either join other affiliate programs for products you love or you could create your own affiliate program.

13. Recommendations/ Referrals

You could always just refer/recommend each other to your readers when you get certain types of inquiries. These can be done with or without a stipend/commission. Be nice!

These are the collaborations I have in mind. So I’m calling on WordPress users and guests too, (if you’re interested) to help grow other bloggers and ourselves. PS- We shouldn’t think about the money at first, because eventually as time goes on, you’ll realize how much impact you’ve made and received. Don’t make it seem like it’s about the money.  The truth is this; Most people do not want to work with those prone to creepy, money-hungry, or overly-self-promotey behavior. You’ll likely form deeper connections with the type of people you want to work with if you make it about the people you can help instead of about the money.

So this is precisely how it is and why I’m suggesting this.

Please, if you’re seeing this and you’re interested in joining and growing your site. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email 📧

For clarity, here are some ideas/pitches I have in mind to start with;

  • Explanation of the benefits that you’ll be giving to the audience.
  • Explanation of the skills and what you’ll bring to the project.
  • Available links to any relevant items on your site or on the potential collaborator’s site.
  • Information on how you will promote the collaboration.
  • Clear deadlines or suggested dates and next steps for the potential collaborator.
  • Recognizable and clear contact information for you.

Once more, if you’re interested in collaborating, don’t hold back. This is a very good opportunity for you expand your audience. There are no requirements or qualifications needed (no amount of followers, nor number of traffics needed). Just you and your amazing ideas, that’s all!

You can reach me on my social media handles;


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