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“I Promise You That You Will Never Feel A Hunger Pang.”

WHEN IN DOUBT– EAT! “How can you eat as much as you want and still lose weight?” This is a question most people are seeking answers from. The fact is this; if you understand more about the physiology of overweight you’d know why. You see, virtually all overweight people have one very important disturbance in their metabolism. They produce too much insulin, and it is insulin that lowers the blood sugar and makes people hungry.

Selectively, eliminate those food that trigger the release of insulin and the excessive hunger of the overweight person goes away. That is why– it is necessary to eat whatever it takes to satisfy your hunger– except insulin stimulating foods, and if you’re not certain whether you’re hungry, eat anyway!

What people fail to realize is that while proteins and fats have satiety value, carbohydrates actually provoke hunger by stimulating the insulin release that sends the blood sugar plummeting down. Even a large eater who avoids carbohydrates will find himself eating less without any effort to do so, merely because he won’t have his old appetite anymore on my diet. That’s how dramatically satiating this way of eating is.

Eat clean and healthy food!


Have you ever had dinner with a big dessert and almost immediately afterward had a terrific craving for candy? Such untimely hunger cravings are (like fatigue) one of the symptoms of a deranged carbohydrate metabolism. And this freedom from bizzare hunger is another one of the built-in punishment and reward features of the diet that makes it easy to live with.

It’s so good to enjoy food but never to suffer a hunger pang while sloughing off the pounds. And as long, as one stays completely with the diet, that’s how life is.


Some people say; “Well, I’m never hungry, I’m just a compulsive eater.” Most of all these people do most of their eating between meals, especially just after dinner. I contend that this so-called compulsive eating is in reality a response to a pre-hunger signal– an inner prompting that is not easily recognized as hunger because the stomach is full– even though the blood sugar is plummeting.

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