Tom’s Pride(Short story)

This is my first short story since I started this blog. I’ve been seeing a lot of similar things and a good friend of mine advised me to try the same thing. Well, the thing is I have a particular niche for my blog and won’t want to confuse my readers. I’ve written a lot of stories. I decided to go through some of them when I came across this particular story. I looked at the date and laughed (haha!) To be honest, 2018 was an amazing and hectic year for me– but I’m glad I was able to push through.

Just so you know, this might be my first and last short story I’d ever post. I want to stick with my niche, because it’s really important. Felt, I should share this inspirational story about Tom’s lesson on pride with y’all. Tell me what you think!


Tom’s Pride

“Does it sound absurd that you will be so proud that you are humble?” His mind kept him busy with those words Jay had asked him. “But we are all guilty of this–” he told himself. He walked into the building unaware of the greetings that was meant for him. Carefully placing his bag on the table, he took out a seat and brought out a book to read.

Damn! He still couldn’t focus. Was he really proud or were they thoughts of fantasy? The more he tried to focus, the more his head hurt.

“Tom! I see you’re keeping yourself busy,” said Mr Williams his tutor, as he walked into the classroom. “Uhmm, yes sir!” he replied.

“I see, but you haven’t got any class today, then why are you here?” Mr Williams asked. The question came to him like a shock, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Actually sir, I came to do some research.” Tom replied again.

“Hmm, I see.”

Enough! This man is really tiresome with his “I see.” Tom thought.

“Having issues with anything?” Mr Williams asked Tom with concern.

“No sir!”

“Okay then, I’ll be here,” Mr Williams said to him. “If you need anything just let me know.” Tom only nodded in response. Mr Williams walked towards the teacher’s table and sat down. Tom watched him carefully. He seemed like a very nice person. “Maybe I could ask him for some help,” he thought. Oh no! “I’m sure he’s going to scorn me like the others! That’s it! I’m not asking him for any advice. Besides, I’m not proud– I know I’m not, but why do people always say so. I don’t care what everyone thinks! I’m fine this way!”

Mr Williams who had noticed Tom’s disturbed look, spoke up. “Got a problem Tom?” he asked him. “You seem to be very disturbed, what’s the problem?”

Tom felt this was his only chance. “Let’s get over with this!” he told himself.

“Am I proud sir?” Tom asked him. Instead of getting a direct answer from his tutor, Tom was more surprised when Mr Williams burst into laughter.

Tom narrowed his eyes at him. “I knew it!” he murmured. “He’s just like the others. Maybe I’m really proud.” He discovered that every time he thought he was making significant progress, he would be so pleased with himself that he became proud. “Everyone is right you know, I’m proud!” he said aloud.

“My dear boy,” Mr Williams called out. “Listen attentively.” he told Tom.

Tom sat up straight and prepared for whatever he was going to say to him.

“Pride and anger can creep in when people slander and falsely accuse you. Pride can creep in when people who are not your ‘equals’ in life do and say strange things to you. Never forget that the way up is down! Pride can come in like a thief in the night when you’re asked to serve others or do jobs below your status. Pride can creep in when you’re offended Tom, and yet the word says that you must take the first step of reconciliation.

“Beware Tom! The praise of men is a paralyzing force! Don’t expect it! If it comes, reject it in your heart on the spot. Pursue humility!” he finished.

Tom was speechless at the end. That was a lot to take in! Mr Williams only smiled in return. Tom felt really glad at his response. “I’m very grateful sir! Thank you!”

Comment please! Let me know what you think on this.

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