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Hello everyone. Being a writer, blogger and influencer is not an easy job, but we have to earn all the same. So, after thinking it through I came to a conclusion that I should actually start getting paid for my writing. Most of y’all writers can agree with me that it all started as a passion; down to the credits and welldones! And now a paycheck to prove our sweat.

It may sound surprising, but believe me, I’ve turned down a lot of offers of getting paid. You may call it “stupid” and the rest. But I had my reasons.

If you call yourself a writer or you claim to be a writer, you’ll realize that writing is a journey and there are unique narratives behind the reasons to write. As a beginner, you should see it as a passion and not just for the money. You’re doing it because it’s what you love doing, and it’s what you know how to do best. I’m not saying you shouldn’t earn from it; don’t get me wrong.

You see, a writer’s motivation is fickle– it comes and goes but the feeling of wanting to give up might linger even longer. As a writer, one must learn to reach beyond themself and understand how to stay motivated to write.

After getting to the finished target, you come to realize the true basics of your work, using all the resources you had– you tell yourself; “I think I’m getting there, If people can appreciate my work, it means I’m good to go.” From here, you can make your writing journey a unique one.

So, after this long talk, I’m telling myself the same thing; “Now is the day!” Lol. Here’s a little poem to keep up the fight,


Now is the day

The day to do the right things

The day to make the right decisions

The day to think about the future ahead

And never to dwell on the past

We will fight the times that come

Because there is a future ahead in sight

The condition of unanimity, we will accept

Believing that all will be well

Waiting for the radiant colors to spring to life, while in disbelief we will still wait,

Now is the day.

Take away for today; “Life is living for the quest– while we are striving for it.”

A tip won’t be so hard either;-) Better days ahead!

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