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Let’s talk about alcohol, because for many individuals, this is the number one problem in weight control and misbehavior.

We live in a society where drinking is so much a part of our way of life that it is much harder to turn down a drink than a dessert– even if we like desserts better. Yet, alcohol is a powerful deterrent to a low-carbohydrate diet. And if you’re the type that enjoys a sociable drink, you will hit upon that fact to justify adding alcohol to your diet.

But this is one diet where alcohol acts just like a carbohydrate. It makes your body discharge insulin and stops you from putting out FMH.

There is no hard and fast rule about how much alcohol converts into gram-equivalents of carbohydrate, because there is remarkable individual variation in this department.


The first move you make if you’re not losing as fast as you’d like to is to write down everything you eat. Don’t wait until the end of the day to do this. Write it practically as you eat it. I tell this to friends, whether they believe it or not. Keep a little notebook in your purse or pocket for this. Or, if you’re home most of the time, keep a memo pad tacked up on the wall in the kitchen.

Calories aren’t important. What counts is the amount of carbohydrate you eat or drink. Don’t guess how many grams go into your mouth. Calculate the grams minutely. Look up what’s in every item, until you know by heart where those killer carbohydrates hide. The Ketostix will act as a check, but sometimes it’s a good idea to show your record to a friend who has had experience with the diet. An outside opinion as to where you may be overlooking a hidden source may be helpful. A fresh mind applied to the problem sometimes makes all the difference.


Some people think that it’s their fate to be overweight. Well, it’s not so. Nobody needs to be overweight, these pessimists are the victims of a misconception. They think you can be on a diet part of the time and stay slim. They go away to a spa or a diet camp or they go on Metrecal for a while and feel that should take off the weight and solve the problem. But, the big truth is; that’s not how a lifetime problem is solved.

Alcohol: Hard To Give Up

I find out that questions so many individuals ask have somewhat fallen into similar patterns. Here are few questions and answers people and most drinkers ask;

Q. I’m not an alcoholic, but I can’t give up drinking. What do I do?

A. If you can’t give up drinking, then you’d be better off to admit you have “a drinking problem.” It is unlikely that your weight problem will be solved if your drinking problem is not. Experience shows that when an alcoholic succeeds in getting off alcohol he usually substitutes sweets. This is because almost all alcoholics are hypoglycemic, and sugar provides the same temporary lift that alcohol once did.

Q. Does alcohol have calories? Is there anything different about them? Does it have carbohydrates?

A. There are no studies to show just how inhibiting alcohol is on a low carbohydrate diet, but my research has it that alcohol is almost as FMH inhibiting as starches.

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