Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Attract Your Audience

Sometimes, we find it difficult to sit down and come up with ideas, and even when we do– nothing seems to pop in.

Well, it could really be a daunting task and that’s the major reason why I call it; lack of good writing and blog planning. So today, I’ll help pull you out of the doldrums and give a massive list of great ideas.

But do remember that these are just blog ideas and if inspiration pulls you in another direction, follow it. Below are tons of ideas that you can choose to start with;

Blog Ideas List

Content Marketing Ideas




Repurpose and Republish

Blogging Ideas

Now here are Marketing Ideas For Your Brand Blogs;

1. Write about how you started your career

2. Talk about something or a moment you failed

3. Write a FAQ

4. Pitch a guest post

5. Identify what makes your blog unique

6. Highlight a creative use of your product

7. Share your best social media tips

8. Create an ultimate guide

Here is also a recommendation for you, just in case you need to know more 25 Lessons from Guest Blogging For The Top Blogs In The World

Choose other blog Ideas

9. Do a number by a certain age post

10. Put together a Gif-filled post

11. Write a parody of some sort

12. Set up a contest on your blog

13. Use questions on forums as blog ideas

14. Seen any good movies? Bring it up as a topic in your niche

15. Describe yourself or your blog or business. Host a blog hub

Other Ideas

Share things you aren’t going to do in the upcoming months or weeks. For instance; you might have things that get in the way whenever you want to do something, and maybe during the process of sharing your thoughts– you find out that your audience probably deals with the same problem or issues like you do.

What are your goals for the next five years?

• Make something and give away for free

Then share with your readers how you handled it

How do you schedule your work week?

What’s a current frustration of yours? Share it with your followers:-) Controversial blog post do really well

Ideas On Creating Content

16. Answer your readers questions’ in blog format

17. What are the best books in your niche that you’d recommend?

18. What are the ten commandments of your career?

19. Come up with a truth vs. lie post

20. How would you start your blog, business, or freelance career?

Want to get more followers? Having influencers on your blog and guest writing for other blogs can really boost your followers. It helps if the blogs you choose are actually ones that have influencer status.

Has anyone asked you any questions lately? Turn their questions into blog post ideas. Write it up and help your readers solve their problems. If your readers haven’t asked any questions recently go to Quora and look for the type of questions people would ask in your niche. Use those as blog ideas.

Think about what books you’ve read that have been the most helpful to you in your niche.

On A Side Note: If you’re looking for similar books that you’d like to read more of, just go to Amazon and type in that book name. When you find the book, you’ll be able to scroll to the bottom of the book’s Amazon page. At the bottom, you’ll see what other people looked at/purchased that was like this book.

11 Skills To Be Successful In A Content Marketing Career

Cover all the basics of starting your own business, blog, or career. If your answers are actionable and helpful, people will keep coming back for more Share all the things that keep you creative as a writer, blogger, content marketer, artist, or graphic designer.

Something To Think About:

• What kind of a lifestyle has helped you be more productive? (Example: Do you work out regularly? Do you wake up at 5 a.m and work on your own projects before going to work in the morning?)

• What things have been stopping me from being productive? (Show how to avoid experiencing those unproductive habits)

Now that you have tons of blog ideas you’re bound to have lots of ideas that will birth many awesome blog posts


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