Are You a Newbie Freelance writer? Here are some tips to promote yourself.

It can get hard to get off the ground while starting your freelance writing business. This is especially true if you have quit your day job and you’re yet to get your first assignment. The pressure can be extremely agonizing. All you need to do is leave your worries aside and get down to business. 

Business like what? You may ask. That,– you’ll find out soon. Here are few ways you can promote yourself as a freelance writer and get regular stream of work.

Get Started

Sometimes, it feels like a daunting task to market yourself as a freelance writer. But the initial effort will surely reap long-term benefits in terms of regular and well-paid clients. It starts from there.

Get started and become a Freelance writer today!

Start Up A Website

A website is a great way to promote yourself as a freelance writer. You can create a site on a free platform like Tumblr, LinkedIn or WordPress. You can create one to help fellow writers or choose a specific niche. I’m also planning on specializing in a marketing website. I’ll post the link as soon as its done. I’ll try publishing at least once every month to help get more readers and visibility.

Create A Portfolio

A portfolio would help you to showcase your work to your clients with a quick link. The first step to create one is to get published on some of the existing blogs or magazines as a guest author. Once you have a bunch of published articles and client work, (including websites, and newsletter content, etc.) you can make use of portfolio sites like Contently and to put up your published clippings.

Write A Book

Another way to showcase your work as a writer is to self-publish a book. There are a host of options to publish your book for less ($200-$300)/ (#72,000- #108,000) and if you decide to publish online then it’s almost free. Your book would earn you a passive income and a favorable reputation. Most successful freelance writers have published books that either help fellow writers or a niche audience. ‘Starting Your Career as  Writer’, by Moira Allen is a good example in the writing niche while Seth Godin’s ‘Permission Marketing’ is extremely popular in the marketing niche. Choose the one that suits you best. You can get healthy tips from the following source.

Make money today from writing

Promote Yourself On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent place for professional networking and publishing. The platform helps you to connect with potential clients display your work and grab new assignments. You can publish articles and post updates to get visibility among connections. I often use the search feature to look for people and content related to terms like ‘hiring writers’ or ‘hiring B2B writers.’ I have often used the professional network to pitch and win new clients through direct messages.

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