Writing Guide, Purpose and accomplishment

There are many reasons why people write. The most popular are; to inform, to explain, to persuade and to entertain. They are all important in their own way. The first question you ask yourself when you begin writing should be; “What is my goal/purpose for writing?”

Understanding your purpose is critical when writing any course because it can influence your decisions on emphasis, style, tone and the content.

Your purpose for writing is simply what you’re trying to accomplish. There are several things you may be trying to accomplish in your writing, and once you have determined what your purpose is, the writing process will be much clearer. Let me give you a guideline; If you are the type that loves reading novels, books and so on, and then you suddenly pick interest in them and somehow you find yourself wanting to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Well, I’ll be listing different ways for you to accomplish that.

Writing is a journey and for me, it has ups and downs. I started writing at the age of 12, a very young age. When friends ask me about my first article, how much time it took and what keeps me going. I simply tell them; “It all starts from idea to words and then it fills up a page.” How I choose to use my time is one of the things that helped preserve my writing and forming a writing routine as a habit is the best way to make that happen. Below are the writing targets, choose the one that best suits the paper you’re working on;

• To Inform

Here, you are providing definitions, explaining concepts or processes and helping your readers understand ideas and see relationships. They could be in form of; textbooks, newspaper articles, reference books and instruction manuals. Give factual details about particular topics.

• To Reflect

Try to communicate your emotions and reactions to others. Explore your personal ideas to make sense of your experience. Some methods of showcasing this can be in the form of; memoirs, diaries, journals etc.

• To Persuade

Here, you are trying to convince your readers to accept your position on a particular topic. Examples include; advertisements (ads), editorials and research papers.

• To Evaluate

Assess the quality and validity of information in order to get the relative merits of something. Such as; including reports, writing book reviews and critiques.

Improve your writing today!

Is Your Writing Environment Killing Your Writing?

Do you have lot of great writing intentions? Then waking up only to find your day filling up with other things like work stuff and all. Are you easily distracted when writing? When was the last time you sat your butt down to write?

If yes, don’t fret. Every successful writer is faced with this sort of challenge, including myself. It’s more about the nature of writing. There’s often a lot of resistance associated with getting started and even once you get going, it can be very hard to get into flow.

Like I mentioned earlier, try forming a writing routine and pick different times that would be suitable for you. But also remember, stick to your time. If I can I do it, you can so it better! Don’t beat yourself up for struggling to focus. There are a lot of distraction here at home, I won’t lie. My mum for example, she doesn’t like the idea that I spend my whole day writing and not doing anything else. The truth is this, there are always things to be done at home– Laundry, dish washing and the rest. I try as much as I can to keep up with that and also stick to my writing time and it’s helping me.

Two blog posts can be a total of 2,000 words plus my novel which is 5,000-6,000 words per day. A good way to knock it off isn’t it?:-)

So guys, try to have occasional writing sessions away from home or at home, whichever suits you best.

Let me give you a little activity. It’s called THINK LIKE… A BLOGGER.

Perhaps you already have a blog or something you’re writing about– a book, journal and the rest. If you aren’t, that’s fine. Now the question is; What topic or subject would you blog about? Would it be about your own life and experiences or a special interest or activity? Share your thoughts. Let me know.


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