Sony’s Play Station 5 (PS5)

The moment y’all have been waiting for– the design reveal was a shock, it unveiled the PS5 digital edition– a streamlined, all digital console without a disc drive. News flash; Sony hasn’t revealed the price nor given the release date, although we now know what to expect when the play station 5 launches later in the year.

So far, here’s everything we know about the game, including its newly-revealed design

Key Facts (PS5)

The Sony PS5 is the next generation play station console, replacing the PS4 Slim and the PS4 pro.

Q.1- Will it have VR?

Definitely. The game console will be compatible with current PSVR hardware.

Q.2- What is its cost?

As we all know, the PS4 Slim and pro cost $399/£349 at launch. So it is likely possible for the PS5 to cost more. Leaks have it that it’s around the $499 trademark.

Q.3- When will it be released?

“Holiday 2020” Between October and December 2020.

Q.4- Can PS4 be played on PS5?

It will launch with support for the majority of the top 100 PS4 games according to Sony’s Mark Cerny.

Update: Internal Storage- Custom 825GB SSD

Memory Interface- 16GB GDDR6/ 256-bit

Memory Bandwidth- 448GB/s

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